Price Guide

Each and every one of our cakes are custom made to order from scratch for each client.  Therefore, pricing is very individual and can vary greatly, depending on the size (number of servings), design, flowers, figures, toppers and the time invested.  A more accurate quote will be provided once a consultation has been completed.

As a basic guide:

Buttercream icing starts from $5.50 per serving
Fondant icing starts from $6.50 per serving


Minimum Orders

Our minimum cake order is $300 for Wedding Cakes, $150 for Groom's Cakes (only available if wedding cake is also ordered),

and $200.00 for Celebration Cakes.


Serving Size

The US industry standard cake serving sizes are Wedding servings which are 1" wide x 2 deep" x 4" tall, and Party servings which are 2" wide x 2" deep x 4" tall.  At Vivian May Cakes we quote wedding servings, and you get more cake for your money as all of our cake tiers are 5 to 5.5 inches tall and consist of three or four layers of cake.  We will also always quote the cake servings nearest to your required number of servings, and provide you with a cutting guide to help you get the most servings out of your cake.