Consultation and Tasting

We do recommend that you book your date with us, preferably 3-6 months in advance.  We will, however, do our best to accommodate any order with a shorter time frame subject to our availability.

We offer three kinds of consultations and tastings for a non-refundable fee of $25.00 for two (2) persons which will be deducted from your total order should you decide to proceed with us.  Consultations and tastings are generally available for our wedding clients only.


Cake Takeaway - Consultation via phone or email, with a tasting box of cakes to pick up and enjoy in the comfort of your home

Cake Take and Stay - In person consultation, with a tasting box of cakes to takeaway and enjoy in the comfort of your home

Cake Stay - In person consultation and tasting.

You will be able to taste up to three flavors of cake and fillings of your choosing from our repertoire here, plus one choice of our own.

If you are not ready for a consultation but would like to have a tasting box, we can accommodate that too!  Same conditions apply as for a consultation.

Please complete the Tasting Box Request form to order.


Next Steps

After your consultation, we will send you a proposal via email with details your order and your contract.  Once your contract is signed you will then be able to pay your required deposit which will confirm and 'save the date'.  The balance is due four (4) weeks prior to your wedding date, at which point you will receive a final invoice from us that will outline all details of your order.  This invoice should be reviewed fully before submitting your final payment.

For celebration cakes, we recommend a two (2) week lead, and a non-refundable retainer of 50% of the cost of the cake to confirm and 'save the date' will be due at the time of booking.  The balance is payable upon delivery/collection.

Failure to pay your full balance by the due date may result in your order being cancelled.  A copy of our Terms and Conditions (which will also outline the above) will be sent to you with your cake quote.



To take away the worry of handling this precious cargo, your cake, we like to personally deliver and set up your cake at your chosen venue.  Delivery will be confirmed during the week prior to your event.  A sturdy set up place/table will need to be in place with all accompanying linen and utensils at the time of delivery.  The cost of this service will be included in your final cake quote.